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Why choose us?

To experience the best quality battlefield tours; we know the sites, we know the history and we know Europe. For high-quality accommodation and meals; interesting hotels located close to the main sites, and excellent local restaurants providing you with an introduction to European cuisine. We have more than 25 years of experience in battlefield and historic tours. Our guides are familiar with the sites you visit; they are experienced guides and expert historians.

We make military historical tours to battlefields, museums and historic places all over the world. We publish printed books and e-books on military history and cultural and historical subjects.

Our expert guides gives lectures in teaching institution, associations and for the general public as well as in events organized by Cultours.

Cultours military history tours are all conducted by experienced expert guides, who are very familiar with the subject of the tour and the geographical locations we visit. On all tours we hand out background material, maps and lists with suggestions for further reading on the subject. Cultours have in more than 20 years organized military history tours to a number of countries like: France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, USA and Japan. We mostly focus on World War II but we also make tours where World War I is the main subject.

In cooperation with associations, museums, local and regional tourist authorities we develop military history tourism. We analyze possibilities. We study the geography and the history of the sites and find background information, we advice on development and marketing of sites and tours. We have more than 20 years of experience.

Our guides are experienced guides and experts in the historical field relevant to the tour.

Our tours are for everybody with an interest in military history; As well those who have little knowledge of the subject as those who has studied the subject more in depth. We will see the sites where the events took place, and with the guide’s qualified explanations, supported by written material, maps and pictures you will get a better understanding of what happened, how it happened and why it happened.


* We organize military history tours to battlefields and historic sites in Europe, USA and Japan.
* We publish books on military history topics
* We give lectures on military history subjects in educational institutions, associations, museums, for military personal and for the general public.
* We organize military history events.

Extended stays in Europe

If you wish to extend your stay in Europe, our partners at BALDER would be happy to create a custom made itinerary for you. Please write to: hello@balder-cph.dk. To get in touch with International Military History Institute, please fill out the form below or write to: imhi@cultours.dk.

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