How we operate/ Information about our tours

Initial confirmation
We will send you an email confirming that you have signed up for a tour.

Tour information pack
We will also post you a confirmation with information about weather conditions, how to dress, where we meet and how to get to the hotel.
A collection of maps relevant to your tour will also be provided.

Where to meet
The meeting time on the first day will be at 2pm (14:00), at the hotel. You will receive the address of the hotel with other information by e-mail when you have paid the full amount for your tour.

Getting to the hotel
The easiest way to get to the hotel from the airport (or other locations) is by taxi. There are a lot of taxis available from in front of the arrival halls at the airport, or from the taxi stands in the street, or you can phone for one. Just give the driver your address and make sure that the meter is on. Please ask for a receipt.

There is usually fine summer weather in August. The average temperature in Paris and Munich is around 70-80 °F, and 60-75°F in Normandy.
The weather is normally dry, but bring a light raincoat just in case.

What to wear
There is no dress-code, but we will be dining in some nice restaurants, so a jacket is recommended for the men. The women will know what to bring.

The currency used in France and Germany is the Euro. If you bring cash, our guides will help you to find an exchange office. Do not expect to be able to pay in US dollars. Many places accept US dollars, but in general you will get a poor exchange rate in shops, restaurants etc.
To pay for small items or a taxi, we recommend that you bring 100 Euros cash for when you arrive. This will avoid the inconvenience of starting your tour looking for an exchange office or an ATM. You can get Euro from ATMs with your credit card – our guides will help you.
You can use Visa and Master cards almost everywhere and American Express cards in many places.

Electrical appliances
If you bring electrical appliances please note that the plugs in Europe are different to the ones in the US and that the standard current is 220 volt. You will need to bring a converter. You can borrow converters at the hotels, but the number available is limited.

A full buffet breakfast will be provided at the hotel every morning. Most evenings we will be dining in interesting restaurants outside the hotel. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the local cuisine.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our tours.

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