England during WW II - Battle of Britain, Dunkerque, Normandy preparations

12th August to 18th August 2018

Battle of England

This is the tour where your expert guides among a lot of other things will show you very important parts of the resistance against Nazi Germany. You visit Bletchley Park where 10.000 of the most intelligent women and men, and among them a group of Americans, in deep secrecy worked as codebreakers and made it possible to read encrypted German messages.

You will experience the fascinating capitol London and a lot of famous buildings and places. You will find yourself in a time warp when you stand in The Cabinet War Rooms from where Prime Minister Winston Churchill led the active opposition against Adolf Hitler.

When you visit The Duxford Air Museum you will see hundreds of aircraft, military vehicles, artillery and of course The American Air Museum, you see Southwick House, General Eisenhower´s HQ during “Operation Overlord” in 1944, and you can attend the evensong in Canterbury Cathedral.

12th August to 18th August 2018. $3,800


You will see and experience the following:

Central London
The Churchill War Rooms
The Churchill exhibition
Downing Street
Whitehall War Memorial
Norfolk House General Eisenhowers headquarters in London
London Bridge
HMS Belfast
Imperial War Museum
RAF Museum Hendon
Duxford Imperial War Museum
Airfield and Aviation Museum
American Air Museum

Memorial to the lost USAAF crews
Southwick House, General Eisenhowers headquarters during ”Operation Overlord”, the Invasion in Normandy
The D-Day Museum
Dover Castle
The Royal Navy headquarters below the castle
Capel-le-Ferne, The Battle of Britain Memorial
RAF Station Hawkinge
Bletchley Park, guided visit to one of the most secret places of the Second World War. Home of the codebreakers


"After having traveled with the International Military Institute six times I can only give the company my best recommendations. There is control with everything and everything functions perfectly. The guides are knowledgeable and let their knowledge pass on to the travelers. You know more, when you return home."

– Exceptional service and knowledge (Uffe S.)

"As someone interested in history (especially WWII) it has always been my dream to see and experience key places that have to do with the war. To stand at Omaha Beach where the Allies went ashore in 1944. To stand at Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg, where the Nuremberg Rally took place. Cultours is definitely a tour operator out of the ordinary. If you want to feel the presence of history, Cultours will in no way disappoint."

– Fantastic! Exciting! Incredible! Simply! (Brian)

”A memorable trip. Enjoyable and I learned a lot. Great companionship. Thanks so much.”

– Don Atkinson

"With an old friend from school I participated in a journey to Normandy in the spring of 2012. The theme was the 1944 invasion in Normandy, France. It was a great experience, a good bus, competent and engaged guide. The hotels and the food were good. Everything came together perfectly. I can only say, that I would travel with Cultours again. I got my money's worth."

– The best themed tour operator (Karsten N.)

"… the most enjoyable, informative and detailed tour I have ever been on. The historians/guides, Torsten Granov and Daniel Martinez, were both extremely knowledgeable about the area and history of both Normandy and Paris. A visitor with little knowledge of the D-Day invasion would gain a wealth of information taking this tour."

– John W. Husk

Our expert guides & Pricing

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez

Historian and TV personality

Daniel Martinez is a noted Pacific War and WWII historian. He is a well-known television personality. He hosted 36 episodes of Unsolved History for Discovery Channel. Daniel has also appeared in numerous documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic, the Military Channel, CBS, NBC, ABC, CSPAN and PBS. Recently, he led our tour retracing the footsteps of John F. Kennedy up to his assassination in 1963. His background in battlefield interpretation is acknowledged internationally. He has led tours to the fields of Gettysburg, Antietam, Little Big Horn, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tinian and Midway Island. He has written or contributed to several books and writes for leading publications on military history.

Poul Grooss

Poul Grooss

Royal Danish Navy (retired)

During the Cold War he was Commanding Officer of Fast Patrol Boats and Guided Missile Corvettes. Later he served as Deputy Commandant of the Danish Military Intelligence Service and as Danish Defence Attaché to London and Dublin. He attended the naval staff course in Greenwich (Royal Navy) and NATO Defense College in Rome. He was a teacher in joint warfare at the Royal Danish Defence College and is the author of the book published in 2017: The Naval War in the Baltic 1939 to 1945. Poul Grooss has guided numerous military history tours in Europe: Normandy, Stalingrad, Battle of the Bulge and in the Pacific to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Japan.


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8-day extension August 19th – August 26th

D-Day Invasion, Normandy-Paris tour. 8-day guided tour by bus.

The Invasion Beaches of Normandy: Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword, the museums at Utah and Omaha Beach, Military cemeteries: La Cambe (German); Colleville-sur-Mer (American), Glider and US Paratrooper landing sites (101st and 82nd airborne,) Sight-seeing tour of Paris by boat on the Seine River, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysées.

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Participants in the England during WWII-Tour signing up for this extension will have a free room and dinner in the evening on the 18th. It is possible to go by high-speed train directly from London to Paris where we will pick you up at Gare de Lyon.

Photo above: P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft of the 78th Fighter Group at Duxford. Handwritten on slide casing. 1944 (Second World War)