D-Day Invasion, Normandy-Paris Tour

8 days

D-Day Invasion, Normandy-Paris Tour. 8-day guided tour by bus

During this exciting tour your expert guides will make the Normandy and Paris experience come alive as you travel to the historical sites in Normandy and the splendor of the city of Paris.

Featuring a special lecture for the International Military History Institute with historian Antony Beevor, whose books on Stalingrad, The Downfall of Berlin, D-Day, The Battle of the Bulge, Paris (with Artemis Cooper), Crete, The Spanish Civil War are translated into many languages and sold in millions of copies.

The participants in this tour will on the tour’s last day in Paris have the privilege of meeting Antony Beevor in person and hear him tell about the Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. Antony will answer questions and all tour participants will get a signed copy of his book, D-Day.



On this exciting tour your expert guides will make the Normandy and Paris experience come alive as you travel to historical WWII sites and explore the splendor of this great capital city. D-Day was one of the largest military operations ever undertaken (Read also "The meaning of D-day"). The combined Allied operation in northern France was a grand attempt to invade Europe and bring the Nazi regime to an end. Here on the beaches of Normandy the outcome of World War II hung in the balance and with it the future of the entire world. During your tour of Normandy you will visit the locations of decisive engagements and your guides will describe the action that took place there.

The tour will present a broad interpretation of the importance of the Normandy invasion and its place in world history. You will be introduced to the main personalities who played critical roles in the Battle of Normandy: the generals, admirals, staff officers, politicians, civilians, soldiers and sailors. You will visit all the famous places you may know from historical books and movies. In Paris you will be taken to the city’s celebrated landmarks. During the tour, you will dine in good French restaurants, providing you with an excellent introduction to French cooking. Listed below are some of the highlights of the Normandy-Paris Tour.

You will see and experience the following:

The Invasion Beaches of Normandy

  • Utah Beach
  • Omaha Beach
  • Gold Beach
  • Juno Beach
  • Sword Beach

Other Visits in Normandy

  • You will also see the Bayeux Tapestry Museum, which depicts the invasion of England by William the Conqueror in 1066. The Bayeux Tapestry is a unique historical record; a 70 m long piece of cloth that is almost 1000 years old. Its vivid embroidered illustrations tell the story of the Norman invasion
  • You will also have the opportunity to visit a local Normandy distillery and taste the world-famous brandy Calvados, made from apples

Paris Sites

  • The French Military Museum
  • The Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro
  • Sight-seeing tour of Paris by boat on the Seine River
  • Notre Dame
  • Sacré Coeur de Montmartre
  • Place de la Concorde
  • Champs Elysées
  • Arc de Triomphe

Museums and Battle Sites

  • Rommel’s headquarters in La Roche Guyon
  • Military cemeteries: La Cambe (German); Colleville-sur-Mer (American); Bayeux War Cemetery (British)
  • Pegasus Bridge and the Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum
  • Sainte-Mère-Église and the Airborne Sainte-Mère-Église Museum
  • The Pointe du Hoc battlefield
  • The artificial Harbor at Arromanche
  • Mémorial de la Paix in Caen
  • The Museums at Utah and Omaha Beach
  • The Normandy museum in Bayeux
  • Dead Man’s Corner and Museum (uniform of Captain Winters, Band of Brothers)
  • The Juno Beach Memorial
  • The Grand Bunker
  • Glider and US Paratrooper landing sites (101st and 82nd airborne)
  • German V-1 Flying Bomb launch site
  • General Bernard Montgomery’s Headquarters
  • Juno Beach Information Center
  • Brecourt Manor Assault. E-Company, 506th, 101st airborne monument. E-Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

"After having traveled with the International Military Institute six times I can only give the company my best recommendations. There is control with everything and everything functions perfectly. The guides are knowledgeable and let their knowledge pass on to the travelers. You know more, when you return home."

– Exceptional service and knowledge (Uffe S.)

"As someone interested in history (especially WWII) it has always been my dream to see and experience key places that have to do with the war. To stand at Omaha Beach where the Allies went ashore in 1944. To stand at Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg, where the Nuremberg Rally took place. Cultours is definitely a tour operator out of the ordinary. If you want to feel the presence of history, Cultours will in no way disappoint."

– Fantastic! Exciting! Incredible! Simply! (Brian)

”A memorable trip. Enjoyable and I learned a lot. Great companionship. Thanks so much.”

– Don Atkinson

"With an old friend from school I participated in a journey to Normandy in the spring of 2012. The theme was the 1944 invasion in Normandy, France. It was a great experience, a good bus, competent and engaged guide. The hotels and the food were good. Everything came together perfectly. I can only say, that I would travel with Cultours again. I got my money's worth."

– The best themed tour operator (Karsten N.)

"… the most enjoyable, informative and detailed tour I have ever been on. The historians/guides, Torsten Granov and Daniel Martinez, were both extremely knowledgeable about the area and history of both Normandy and Paris. A visitor with little knowledge of the D-Day invasion would gain a wealth of information taking this tour."

– John W. Husk

Our expert guides & Pricing

Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez

Historian and TV personality

Daniel Martinez is a noted Pacific War and WWII historian. He is a well-known television personality. He hosted 36 episodes of Unsolved History for Discovery Channel. Daniel has also appeared in numerous
 documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic, the Military Channel, CBS, NBC, ABC, CSPAN and PBS. Recently, he led our tour retracing the footsteps of John F. Kennedy up to his assassination in 1963. His background in battlefield interpretation is acknowledged internationally. He has led tours to the fields of Gettysburg, Antietam, Little Big Horn, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tinian and Midway Island. He has written or contributed to several books and writes for leading publications on military history.

Torsten Granov

Torsten Granov

Historian and Director of International Military History Institute

Torsten Granov has written several books and has lectured widely about WWII and Nazi Germany in Denmark, Norway and France. His book D-Day – the prelude, the drama, the aftermath is available in English. He is an expert on WWII and the Invasion of Normandy – D-day. He has visited a great number of WWI and WWII battlefields as an expert guide on military history tours.


Above: Map of the D-Day landing areas

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American battlefields and sites in Belgium, Germany Luxembourg & Northern France

Waterloo, Hurtgenwald Battlefields, Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne, Easy Company Battlefields, Luxembourg National Military Museum, American Military Cemetery with Gen. Patton’s grave, Verdun Battlefields, Verdun Memorial Museum, Sgt. York Trail, Meuse-Argonne, American Military Cemetery, First World War, Reims, General Eisenhower's Headquarter.

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Photo above: Artificial harbor, Port Winston, Arromanche today.

Above two rare color-videos from the time around June 6 1944. They are also featured in Torsten Granovs book on D-Day that is available from Apple and Amazon here (iPad and Kindle editions. Only the iPad edition has video).

Kindle edition: D-Day: The prelude. The drama. The aftermath

Skærmbillede 2014-05-02 kl. 10.42.56 Click here to read a sample from the book.

Read about the meaning of D-Day here.