Remembering JFK

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][heading subtitle=”Coming 2018″]Remembering John F. Kennedy. A tour of important places and sights related to JFK[/heading][vc_column_text]DAY 1 – BOSTON

We vist the JFK presidential library. The library’s museum is a very modern and informative museum with a vivid en enlightning narrative. We are presented with a comprehensive cronological exibition on president Kennedy and his time. Next stop is at the famed Harvard University, Kennedy’s alma mater, along with seven other US presidents. We take a stroll around campus and visits several Kennedy-related places.

DAY 2 – The Kennedy houses, Faneuil Hall, Central Boston and the Freedom Trail

We visit different Kennedy-related areas in Boston. Among others the Kennedy family’s early home and birth place of the later president in Brookline. The house is preserved by the National Park Service as a museum, focusing mainly on the important role of the family and especially the role of Rose Kennedy and her ideas of raising children. Later we will walk along central Boston’s Freedom Trail, visiting some of the most important places of early american political history. We will also visit Faneuil Hall where JFK concluded his succesfull election campaign in 1960. The rest of the afternoon is open to explore Boston by one self.


We fly from Boston to Dallas, Texas. There are numerous JFK-related places to visit in Dallas. Most prominently, the old Texas Scholl Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald worked. It is fascinating to follow to trail of events in the exact spot where they took place more than 50 years ago.


We visit the 6th Floor Museum, JFK’s Memory of the Nation, located in the building where the Texas School Book Depository was. It was from this floor Lee Harvey Oswald shot the president. The corner of the window from which the shots were fired, is one of the highlights of this excellent museum. From the window you can see the entire area below where the motorcade drove. The museum is very modern and instructive, and it is a good introduction to visiting the sites linked to the assassination and to Lee Harvey Oswald. After visiting the museum we visit the murder scene at Dealey Plaza, we will have the opportunity to stand just where witnesses and photographers were when they took the famous pictures. For example, where Abraham Zapruder was standing when he was filming the murder. We also try to place us where alleged further snipers allegedly should have been. Most people will find it alot easier to form an opion of the different conspiracy theories after standing on the exact spot themselves. After visiting Dealey Plaza, we follow Oswald’s escape route from the book depository and on to his home, where he retrieved a gun.


We drive to Oswald’s home from where we leave walking the route he escaped. We stand on the spot where he was stopped by officer Tibbitt who he shot, after which he fled. He took refuge in the The Texas Theatre where he was apprehended. We also pass the house where Oswald lived when he was photographed with the murder weapon. We continue to former Dallas Police Headquarters, where the interrogation of Oswald took place. It was also in this building Jack Ruby shot Oswald.


We fly to Washington in the morning. Our stay in Washington begins with a visit in Georgetown, The neighborhood, where Kennedy lived when he was a senator. We get an impression of the neighborhood and passes Martin’s Tavern, where Kennedy according to the myth proposed to Jackie. From here we head to Capitol Hill and we see the spot where Kennedy was inaugurated as president, and where he made his famous inaugural speech. We walk along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. On the way we pass the FBI building, where J. Edgar Hoover ruled. The Ministry of Justice is located immediately opposite, here had the Minister of Justice, one of Hoover’s main opponents and the president’s brother, Robert Kennedy his office.

DAY 7 – Arlington Cemetery and The Mall

We leave the hotel in the morning and drive to Arlington, located on the other side of the Potomac River in Virginia. We visit the legendary cemetery where we go for a walk and see the many graves. We visit John F. Kennedy and his family’s grave, where an eternal flame is burning. The ring from the president’s birth in Boston to his death and final resting place will be closed.
Afterwards we drive to the memorial to the Vietnam War and the Lincoln Memorial, where Dr. Martin Luther King held his “I have a dream” speech.


The day is free to explore Washington DC on your hand. There will be amble time to visit one of the many free museums under the Smithsonian Institution, such as Air & Space Museum or Museum of American History or one of the many other excellent museums.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]