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Like Historian and TV-personality Daniel Martinez, Torsten Granov and Poul Grooss


Military history tours, lectures, books, TV and more


We do military historical tours to battlefields, museums, and historic places all over the world. We publish printed books and e-books on military history and cultural and historical subjects.

Our expert guides give lectures in teaching institution, associations and for the general public as well as in events organized by Cultours.

Cultours military history tours are all conducted by experienced expert guides, very familiar with the subject of the tour and the geographical locations we visit. On all tours we hand out background material, maps, and lists with further reading on the subject. All tours begin and end in Europe, so it is easy to combine our tours with visits to other countries.


To experience the best quality battlefield tours; we know the sites, we know the history and we know Europe. For high-quality accommodation and meals; interesting hotels located close to the main sites, and excellent local restaurants providing you with an introduction to European cuisine. We have more than 25 years of experience in battlefield and historic tours. Our guides are familiar with the sites you visit; they are experienced guides and expert historians.


The purpose of the International Military History Institute (IMHI) is to interpret and educate the public about military history in its broadest sense. We do so by site visits and lectures on the source of conflict and the application of military forces by the examination of historic sites and battlefields. The end result is a review of its consequences; including the social, political and military changes that are the outcome of that confrontation.

Our activities are historical tours, lectures, book publishing, symposia and television programs. As public historians we actively assist museums, military and historical sites in promoting and supporting visitation. The IMHI is financed through our public lecture series, tour activities and by donations.

The Director of IMHI is Torsten Granov, MA, European History.
The institute was co-founded with Daniel A. Martinez. BA, American History and television personality.

Customer testimonials

“After having traveled with the International Military Institute six times I can only give the company my best recommendations. There is control with everything and everything functions perfectly. The guides are knowledgeable and let their knowledge pass on to the travelers. You know more, when you return home.”

Uffe S.

“With an old friend from school I participated in a journey to Normandy in the spring of 2012. The theme was the invasion in 1944 in Normandy, France. It was a great experience, a good bus, competent and engaged guide. The hotels and the food were good. Everything came together perfectly. I can only say, that I would travel with Cultours again. I got my money’s worth.”

Carsten N.